Salaaia kontserdid. Jim and Sam 4. septembril kell 19.00.

3.10.2016 alustas oma kontserttuuri duo Jim and Sam Los Angelesest. Nad mängivad ühe aasta vältel iga päev st 365 päeva jutti ühes maailmas kohas ühe kontserdi. 4. 09.2017 jõuavad nad ühte Rakvere aeda, mis on nende jaoks ka täiesti uus kontserditegemise viis.

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On November 3rd 2016, Los Angeles based Americana duo Jim and Sam embarked on The Anywhere Everyday Tour playing one show every day for a year. Yes, every day. Yes, for a year. Yes, no days off! This is not your average tour. Jim and Sam play everything from music venues to comedy shows, nonprofits, TV shows, schools, festivals, factories, under the stars, across the blue ocean and anywhere in between. During the first six months of the tour Jim and Sam have performed throughout the US, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Holland, and Iceland supporting artists like LP, Bear’s Den, Jack Johnson, Picture This and The Mulligan Brothers. The duo has also showcased at both SXSW and the Sundance Film Festival in 2017.

In 2015, Jim and Sam released their EP, “This Is What’s Left.” Recorded in Denmark, the EP was featured on Spotify’s Pulse of Americana Playlist and has been heard on BBC, KCRW, KCSN, WXPN and KGSR. This fall the duo will release “Anywhere Part One,” a collection of new songs recorded during the first leg of their tour in unique spaces all over the world.

“Their songs are impeccably written, structured, and arranged. They’re also so very pretty, and incredibly catchy; earworms in the best possible way.” KCRW MUSIC BLOG

“Only equipped with an acoustic guitar, a storm-mounted microphone that takes up all the sounds and two amazing voices, they succeed in catching the audience’s attention from the first chord. It’s as if people hardly dare breathe under the songs to not break the mood and the question is if it’s ever been as quiet in the usually quite messy Press Hall.” Pierre Eriksson, REFUG SWEDEN


“Great Escape” (Live) –
“My Body My Bones” (Official Video) –